Your intuition is a powerful ally.

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Our mission is to help you discover the light that is within everything. Within the crystals, the herbs, the world around you, but most importantly within yourself. 

We are all looking for the connection community offers, but often do not know where to find it. At Griffin’s Aerie we provide a safe, supportive environment where you can explore your intuition with joy and enthusiasm.

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We have continued our journey to a new location in Savona. We are in the historic Joint hardware store in Savona, NY right on the corner near the stop light. We are so excited to be stewards of this spirited location and closer to our community. Our mission has not changed however and we are still committed to helping you discover the light within all things but especially yourself. Please check out our Location page to get directions and find out where to park. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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Hi, I'm Sarah

Have you ever felt lost or that you would never find your purpose? I felt like that too, like something was missing. Then I learned how to open my heart to the endless possibilities that the universe offers. Through many classes, Apprenticeships, mentors and self-discovery I was shown the missing piece and it was like coming home. I learned how to navigate the constant energy fields we are all in.  I discovered the meaningful connection that plant spirits bring to my practice. I have seen the difference they can make in a person, not just in clients but with myself. I strive to be a connection between nature and humans to show others the potential that is out there. That there is more to this world than we are allowing ourselves to see.  

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