Every story has a beginning......

It started when I was following the call to study herbs. I struggled with which path to take Western, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Ayurveda. It felt as though something was missing. I was looking for a way to follow my calling to help people through nature. I felt lost and confused when I thought about seeing clients, worried I wasn't prepared enough no matter how much or who I studied with. Despite seeing for myself and my family that herbs can help us to heal deep wounds and are a great alternative to industrialized medicine.

Starting in 2016 I learned about plant spirit communication and allowed my own intuition to flourish. I learned you can be an herbalist and not follow a clinical role. That we can help people by balancing their energy, helping them to remove blockages and heal traumas. I was shown the piece that had been missing. It was like coming home.

I discovered the meaningful connection that plant spirits bring to my practice. I have seen the difference they can make in a person, not just in clients but with myself. I strive to be a connection between nature and humans to show others the potential that is out there. That there is more to this world than we are allowing ourselves to see.