A spirit consultation with Sarah Skinner helps you to tap into your body’s innate healing abilities through nature and love.

There is 2 sessions per consultation for a distance. The first session for new clients is 2 hours so we have enough time to go over your history. The second session is to go over what was found after the energy work is done. Please note that both session are done together if the consult is in person.

You will have home play to help you on your path to healing. This can include a spirit essence Conditions can range from anxiety, insomnia, feeling blocked or just not yourself, in a fog, low energy, pain, etc. Some tools or processes that may be used depending on what the situation calls for are plant essences, herbs, clearing energy, Reiki, clearing chakras, cord cutting, filling your auric field with light, love or plant spirits.

When the energetic body if clear and strong than the deeper work of soul healing can take place. This may include soul contract journey’s, ancestral healing, re-patterning limiting beliefs, etc.

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